It used to be enough to just think about what someone would google to find you and use those words to help them do so. As time goes on, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Buyer intent is all about figuring out what is most likely going to make your customer react the way you want. In turn, that will help you not only get them to your site but encourage them to act. Buyer intent keywords are search terms that have a higher probability of leading your customers to actually buy your product or service, but what are they, and how do you find them?

What Are Buyer Intent Keywords?

It isn’t just enough to drive traffic to your website. You have to be a mind reader to know what keywords will trigger your customer to pull the trigger. Buyer intent keywords are those search terms that indicate a user’s readiness to take action, whether that means to contact and hire you or to buy your product. It differs from just driving people to your site to find the information. They are also words that tell you that they are further along in the search process and ready to follow through. 

What Are the Two Classifications of Buyer Intent Keywords?

There are two classifications of buyer intent keywords, and they fall into either low-intent or commercial intent, and high-intent or transactional intent. 

Low-Intent or Commercial Intent

Commercial intent or low-intent keywords are those searchers use in their buying process. The people using low-intent keywords are just starting to evaluate services or products. The most commonly used low-intent keywords are things like “top,” “review,” or “best.” 

They might not be the be-all-and-end-all, but they are important at the beginning of the buying process. Why?

Low-intent keywords are essential to attract those consumers who are in the market.

What Are High-Intent Keywords?

Transactional or high-intent keywords are search terms that customers are likely to use when they have done the research and are ready to buy or hire a service. They are extremely important when you want to convert those searchers to purchasers. 

Transactional keywords are highly critical for pay-per-click ads. PPC ads are intended to catch searchers when they’re starting their research. They can help to convert searchers because they lead them initially to your product or service. High-intent keywords are things like “discount,” “buy,” “coupon,” and “deal.” They also tend to highlight your product or brand name.

Transactional keywords are also more competitive and therefore tend to be more expensive to target than low-intent keywords. 

Why Are Intent Keywords So Critical?

There are several reasons why choosing the correct intent words is essential for your marketing and marketing budget.

They Drive Conversions

When you successfully target intent keywords, they can aid you to drive more traffic to your site, and more importantly, target those consumers who are more likely to convert from visitor to buyer.

Internet searchers who use buyer intent keywords are typically in a stage of the buying process. These consumers already have a mission. They know what they want and need. Most of them just need a little nudge to act.

That means if you optimize your pages, especially your landing and product pages, by using buyer intent keywords, you are more likely to match exactly what they look for and what they need. And convincing them to buy isn’t as much of a hurdle as a standard keyword.

For example, if someone searches “top software for SEO,” they are clearly in the market for SEO software. When you have those intent keywords, they know they need software, but they aren’t sure which SEO software is best. In finding the right content, if you can drive them to your site, they will choose you over the competition. 

In that instance, using a helpful guide to compare various software options and then selling your product, you are leading them right where you want them. 

Improve Your Credibility

Using intent keywords will increase your site’s credibility and establish you as an authority site. By using high-quality content to answer all of the questions consumers are likely to have before they even know they will ask, it makes you appear to be an authority. You give them a solution to their problem of not knowing what they know and what they want. 

Things like testimonials, proof, case studies, and various trust signals to enhance your assertion all help to make them feel secure that you know your industry. 

For example:

If you sell SEO software for small businesses, if you create online course offerings with low-target keywords such as “best SEO software for small businesses” or “top online SEO software for small businesses” you will get them in the initial stages of their inquiry.

By providing guidance and information, you can position yourself as an authority in the industry. When you do that, you are establishing your credibility as an expert. 

Enhance Your Search Visibility

If you use the appropriate intent keywords, you will increase organic traffic to your site. How?

Using long-tail keywords that have less competition allows you to rank more highly for them. When you use long-tail versions of those keywords, you tend to increase your conversion rates. In turn, you get richer leads.

Also, by adding related keywords or synonyms, you can further optimize your relevance.

For example, let’s say you want to rank highly for “top SEO services.” Incorporating related keywords such as “SEO services near me” or “best SEO services near me” will increase the likelihood that you will catch potential customers’ search inquiries. Therefore, you will come up more in organic searches. 

How Do I Find Buyer Intent Keywords?

The key to increasing your visibility and converting searchers to buyers is finding the right intent keywords. It is also the best way to limit and use your marketing budget wisely. If you want to ensure that you use your money and resources wisely, the best idea is to hire an SEO agency that understands that the Internet marketing environment continues to change. With those changes, those who want to stay on top need to continually pivot. The reality is that what works today might not tomorrow. 

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