When it comes to SEO, some things work and others are a waste of time…but sometimes it’s hard to know which is which. More frustratingly, just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Google changes the rules and you are back at the beginning. If you hear advice from others about what works and what doesn’t, it is probably secondhand (and old) news. The key to catapulting your website to the coveted number-one position when someone searches for your product or services is to be consistent, inventive, and informed. These are 12 SEO tips from our digital marketing experts that actually WORK. Stop wasting time hoping that your efforts are worth it and know they are. 

Use Keywords in the Correct Places

Most business owners understand what a keyword or phrases are and that they have to be found on their website, but did you know that there are correct and incorrect places to put them for them to have the most effect? Where you put keywords is just as important as knowing what they are and how many times you should repeat them. For optimal results, keywords should appear a minimum of once in a page’s title tag, once in your webpage URL, and in the first 100 words of the content on the page’s introduction. 

Helping People Stay Put

The key to increasing your ranking is keeping a visitor on your page for as long as possible before they “bounce.” Pogosticking is when a search engine user goes to your site and then immediately back to the search results. That tells Google that what the user found was not what they were looking for, and it hurts your ranking. 

So, how do our digital marketing experts get people to stay put?

Use bullets and subheadings as much as possible. Content that is easily “skimmable” makes it easier for the user to find what they want immediately. It also helps prevent them from pogosticking.

Use “Suggest” Keywords 

When a Google user is typing in their search, Google suggests other words for long tail keyword selection below the search button. You can use the same concept with other search engines such as Wikipedia, YouTube, and Bing. Sure, Google might lead the pack, but there is still value in the rest of the pack and it might just be the sweet spot that your competitors are missing.

Eliminate Dead Pages Before They Become Zombies

Dead pages are ones that do not drive traffic – they are there, but dead – hence zombie pages. By eliminating the pages that aren’t working, you can increase your Google rankings and increase traffic to your sites. Why? Google dislikes inflated low-quality content and is guided by “less is more” if the “less” is effective. Do a healthy assessment periodically to see which pages aren’t holding their weight and delete them.

Our Digital Marketing Experts Search Your Industry

Backlinks are the highest-quality links that a website can have, especially when they come from authoritative sites in your industry. According to BuzzSumo, when you publish an industry study it helps to drive a lot of traffic through press mentions and social media shares. Therefore, if you are going to publish something, make it count by getting backlinks for credibility. 

Use Relative Keywords

Using keywords isn’t as simple as finding one word and repeating it a bunch of times. If you want to increase your Google rankings, you need to have a plethora of relative keywords that work together to provide the whole picture. Why? Google Hummingbird. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm allows Google to do more than just search for a single keyword to classify; it is trying to UNDERSTAND the content on a given page through relative industry terms and cues. Therefore, make sure that your content not only has a main keyword but also that you identify relative keywords to place in your content for context. 

Videos, Podcasts, and Infographics Are a Must!

Videos, podcasts, and infographics are a great way to gain backlinks to your website, but they lack what Google needs: understanding. So to gain the most from your content, always add a text explanation of the video, podcast, and infographic not only to guide the visitor but to tell Google what the content is and what it is about. Adding high-quality content below any visual aid will assist Google in ranking you highly.

Make What’s Old New Again

It is very important to add new content regularly – but don’t ignore what you already have. It’s kind of like “make new friends but keep the old.” Update the content to refresh what you have on a regular basis and you will get double the performance from it. Go back to other content and posts and add things like external links, alt-image tags, and new titles and descriptions. Just make sure to always republish it under the same URL to avoid duplicate content, which is a big no-no in Google’s eyes!

Our Digital Marketing Experts Watch Your Speed

Mobile friendliness is the most important way that Google ranks your site. If your site is slow to load, it will count against you. Make sure to identify anything that might be slowing your page down by scanning it continually.

The Google Search Console is IMPORTANT!

Log into your Google Search Console regularly and check the Performance Report. It will show you which pages are driving the most traffic. If you click on the page, it will show you the keywords that the page ranks for already. If you dig deeper, you will discover keywords that you weren’t even aware it was ranking for. Why? If you notice that content is driving traffic and helping you rank highly, use it again and sprinkle it around. By doing so, Google will see the keywords in higher saturation and will rank you more highly based on them. 

Create Your Own Branded Keywords

Have you ever heard a phrase that someone uses and then suddenly it is a popular term for the population at large? The same concept works for you on website pages. When you put a specific term or phrase to an industry activity, it is yours. Once it is yours, you own it and profit when someone else uses it or shares it. Be innovative and create your own terms. 

Be Featured in the Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets in the SERPs is some of the best advertising you can have. How? Add a Q&A section to your content. When you match the exact question that people are asking, then Google matches you and you are more likely to get a featured snippet when an internet user searches for a topic or asks a question. It really is that simple.


The SEO game is an ever-changing one, and just when you think you’ve figured out the rules of the game, Google goes and mixes things up again. SEO is not only necessary; it can become a full-time job. If you are going to engage in practices to rank your website, it is important to understand what works, what doesn’t, and WHY. Our mission is to give you the tricks of the trade so that you can work for yourself and it works for you. For more information and tricks of the trade from our digital marketing experts, check out our blog section or contact us today to get started.