We have all heard the phrase “content is king,” but that is more critical than people know for your website’s SEO ranking. A successful digital marketing campaign consists of many factors and components. All of your digital marketing requires that you have a brand voice and consistency for everything from search engine optimization to social media. No piece is more important than another. What is essential, however, is that your content be engaging, targeted, and viral. That way you can not only reach your intended audience; you capture them.

Why is Quality Content Critical for Your Digital Marketing Strategy? 

When we talk about content, it can be in the form of text, images, infographics, videos, or really anything that you present to the outside world about you or your company. Content is a useful tool for many reasons. It helps educate your audience, makes you more visible, and aids in strong linking strategies to enhance your site’s overall authority.

Quality Content Is an Education Tool

Before you gain the trust and the business of any customer, you have to educate them about your product or service. You also have to tell them why they need it. Consumers make their choice according to the knowledge they have about what you do or what you offer. If they aren’t clear about what that is, why they need you, or why you are the best choice, they will likely not act. If you provide them with the information they need to answer their questions before they even have them, you are probably going to get their attention and win them over. Content is the way to educate them. 

Different types of content to educate include blog posts, your homepage content, about us pages, and product pages. But it does not stop there. Other ways to educate via your content are things like reviews, tutorials, and videos that promote and explain your product and why someone needs it. Your educational content should target your audience specifically to give them the information they need. 

When writing educational content, the first question you need to ask yourself is “What problem do we solve with our product?”. By answering that simple question, you will already create a need in your customer’s mind, which is the most essential step. People always want to know “what’s in it for me,” and if you tell them, they are most likely to act.

Quality Content is the Backbone of Your SEO

When a consumer has a product or service need, the first place they head is to the internet, specifically Google. Content is a way that Google matches people who are looking for your product or service to your site. If you don’t tell Google what you do and what people need you for, you won’t reach the consumer. For simplicity’s sake, Google is your gatekeeper. The best way to increase your SEO ranking is to have strong, authoritative, and quality content for the reader.

SEO is all about backlinks, website visitor traffic, and keyword placement, which all stem from the content you use. Without the proper content to target your intended audience, they will not be able to find you, period. If, however, you provide what your niche audience and demographic is looking for, you are creating pathways that will lead them to you. In turn, that will drive your SEO further up. One necessarily relies on the other. 

Your content and your SEO strategy should be one and the same. Before posting or creating any content, think first about what your readers need or want to know. If you do that, you will capture them and keep them on your site. It isn’t just important to drive traffic through content, quality content is required to KEEP them there, which means that they aren’t bouncing to another page (increasing your bounce rate).

Quality Content is at the Heart of Your Social Media Overall Campaign

Social media has become one of the most valuable tools for capturing the attention of your intended audience. It is also a viable place to build your brand presence and customer base and to engage directly with your audience. It gives you a clear pathway to get your message across and have a “conversation” with those who are most likely to buy from you.

The content on your social media is what should guide your audience to more content so that you can have a more meaningful conversation. When using mediums like Facebook or Instagram, you want to grab their attention and direct them to your website where they can delve deeper. If you can give them a thirst for knowledge about your product or service, then you can establish a relationship, and that builds brand loyalty. Once more, if you correctly use your social media to increase website traffic, that will push your SEO rankings. 

When creating your social media, make sure that you are providing your reader with high-quality content. You want to establish yourself as an authority and credible source so that your audience wants to learn more. If you are just posting for posting’s sake, then you are not engaging with your audience. You are also not guiding them in a cohesive way to find out more.

Quality Content Builds Linking for Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

There are different types of linking like inbound links and outbound links. Those types of links only lead people around your site or link you to a credible site from your end. Backlinks are the most important type of links specifically because they establish credibility. You can tell someone that you are friends with someone, but if they don’t say the same thing, then it is only one side and your opinion, which is similar to an outbound link. If, however, you say you are someone’s friend and they say they are your friend, it establishes a true and authentic connection, that is what a backlink does.

Also, when you have a backlink on someone else’s website, they are helping drive traffic to your site using their own credentials. But that is something important to think about, backlinks are only quality if you link with highly credible sites. There is the potential if you don’t do your homework that you are linking with someone that only benefits them, and it might actually hurt you.

Backlinks are difficult to get but not if you have the information, credibility, and content that makes you authority and encourages people to share your comments and ideas. If you don’t stand out in your industry, then you can’t outdo your competitor. If your content is the “same ole, same ole,” then you aren’t going to get anyone interested.

Backlinks are an important part of your overall SEO strategy. They not only show a visitor that you are named as an authority, they signal Google that you are. The more backlinks you have, the more credible your site becomes to Google. 

How to Gain Backlinks

The best way to gain backlinks is to provide unique and innovative topics. It might be true that there are very few “new” things for some industries. Putting your own spin on an idea, however, can make it appear new. By using quality content, you can attract attention and increase your backlinks. That includes not just blog posts and homepage content. Overall, the more complex your content is like videos and infographics, the better. They might take more time and resources, but they will definitely pay off in your site’s rankings and credibility.


For the foundation of your SEO and digital marketing strategy, NOTHING is more important than the quality of your content. Without having high-quality and valuable information, you are not going to be able to drive traffic. And if you can’t, you won’t increase your SEO rankings, end of story. If you throw your resources, time, and attention into what you are putting out there on the internet and social media, then you will see a dramatic change in your traffic and favorability and that equals more profitability. At A Digital Media Company, we go the extra mile to look at all avenues. In doing so, we increase your exposure, even those that are hard. Contact us today and get your website some real traffic!