The internet has changed our lives in numerous ways, most of which we haven’t even recognized or traced back to the World Wide Web as the origin. In the technology world, not many things are as game-changing as the inception of AI into businesses and our everyday lives. When it comes to social media and internet content, what will the introduction of AI mean for your business? What are the pros of using it? What are the potential cons? And how will they affect your SEO and SEM campaign? Is it a good idea to trust AI and let it take the reins or hire an SEO company that does? 

What Is AI for SEO?

Artificial intelligence is exactly what it sounds like: it is technology-driven learning. Although it seems to be a recent phenomenon, the truth is that we have been relying on many forms of AI for decades without even knowing it. Everything from your smartphone to Netflix incorporates particular aspects of AI. According to Statistica, AI technology has grown by as much as 54% annually. It is important to understand exactly what it is before we consider the pros and cons of using it. 

Three Types of AI for SEO

There are three different types of  AI, which are categorized as weak AI, strong AI, and super AI. Weak AI is software that can only perform and focus on one task. Strong AI is capable of both learning and understanding tasks, similar to how human intelligence works. Super AI is a type of technology that surpasses humans and can actually perform better than a human mind. Currently, researchers are working on perfecting strong AI, and super AI is still just a theory.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO AI?

The key component of artificial intelligence is that it is capable of both learning and understanding concepts the same way humans are. AI comes with many advantages, like task automation, assistance with medical diagnosis, and the commandeering of autonomous vehicles, but with every good, there is usually some bad. There are also many disadvantages to AI to consider before we use it blindly for all of our needs.

The Advantages of AI

Human Error Reduction

One of the many advantages of AI is that it has the power to significantly reduce errors in precision and accuracy. AI utilizes a series of algorithms that help it make precise decisions at every step based on data that has already been gathered. If AI is properly programmed, it can control errors.

Zero Risks

When you use AI there is zero chance of risk, meaning that it will expertly be able to go to space, defuse a bomb, and perform surgery. AI can do a whole lot of work, and it wears out very slowly.

No Need for Downtime

Unlike humans who are typically only productive for about three to four hours during the day on average, there is no downtime for AI. It can work effectively and efficiently around the clock without the need for sleep, vacation time, or family conflicts. It can also handle the monotony of repetitive tasks without “burning out.”

Digital Assistance

Many companies use digital assistance to reduce their reliance on human personnel. Websites typically use digital assistants to deliver user content.  Some can even discuss situations or research questions with humans via conversation. There are some AI programs that are hard to distinguish from live customer service agents. 


AI is behind some of the greatest innovations that humans have discovered. It can also work through complex problems quickly and compute challenging issues and concerns. Recent AI technologies have even helped researchers and doctors detect the presence of breast cancer earlier than ever before. 

Unemotional and Unbiased

As humans, we are driven by emotions that are hard to separate from any situation. AI has no emotions and works on rationality only. AI also does not have biases that can cloud its judgment or lead to making assumptions that might not be real. Therefore, AI is usually better at making accurate decisions.

The Disadvantages of AI

It Is Costly

AI might help to save time and resources, but it does take a lot of time and money to develop. It also has to be updated frequently so it has the latest technology. Therefore, it is not a one-and-done investment.

Lack of Creativity

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to AI is that it can not be creative or find solutions outside-the-box. It is capable of using the past to predict and forecast the future. It can’t, however, be inventive in finding new ways of doing things that have not been done before. For content on the internet, that is a major concern. It will likely mean that AI will just regurgitate what is already there without coming up with new concepts, ideas, or creativity.

Replacing Workers

One of the biggest issues with AI is that if it is implemented worldwide and across industries, it will put a lot of workers out of business. It is possible for AI to take over many menial tasks and complex ones that humans now occupy. 

It Is Not Driven by a Code of Ethics

AI is not driven by a code of ethics or morals. The job of AI is to do the job however it has to. That means that it will make rational decisions that go against human or humanistic ideals, like putting people out of work or the notion of “fairness.” Because it is emotionless, any decision that it makes is one that makes sense. Not necessarily one that is for the greater good.

Improvement Lacking

At the core of AI is human intelligence, which means that it was created with pre-loaded experience and facts. AI can go off of what it has been fed. But, ultimately, it has to “stick to the script.” It can’t improve on how it performs tasks, find an easier or better way, or alter what it has been programmed to do. 

Conclusion is it Wise to Use AI for SEO?

Like all technology, there is both good and bad to AI. It is a great TOOL, but that is what it is: a tool. When you are dealing with something like marketing or advertising, it isn’t just about what people do. It is about how they think, emotion-based decisions, the collective unconscious, and those are all outside of the realm of AI. Although they say that it is “unbiased,” the truth is that it comes to the table with the bias with which it was programmed. Just as times change, so do people, and so do the way that humans interpret and see the world.

At A Digital Media Company, we understand that there are many advantages that SEO AI can provide and many ways it can enhance our ability to predict how best to spend your marketing budget. In the end, however, it takes creativity, emotions, and the ability to think outside the box to get you in front of your audience, work on them emotionally to get them to act, and continue to be as imaginative as you need to be. 

We use AI when it benefits you, but not when it won’t benefit your advertising and marketing. That means we provide the best of both worlds. What we can promise is that you will always get the very best of our human intelligences to improve your bottom line. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing digital media space today!