The world changes so quickly it is hard to keep pace. The internet is one of the driving forces of change. Search engines did for the World Wide Web what the Dewey Decimal System did for libraries. But on a much grander scale, by organizing billions of pages and various content. Where once it was all about just website classifications and rankings, now it involves having a holistic approach to your SEO campaign. That requires social media marketing and SEO working together.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing used to be an entity itself. It is a place where you can promote your product or brand according to the audience and the platform. It was all about finding your niche market and targeting them where they are at. Over the past decade, as more and more platforms and mediums started to pop up, it was no longer just about using the internet. It now requires social media marketing to grab your audience, build brand awareness, and then tie it to your website. We are starting to see that everything should tie into everything else so that you have a holistic and comprehensive marketing schema. In essence, social media marketing fosters SEO, and in turn, fosters social media marketing.

Staying On Brand Has Never Been More Important

There are so many ways that people gain their information. Whether it is from YouTube, the internet, TikTok, Instagram, or some other medium, the only way to catch your audience where they are and when they are there, is to have a comprehensive targeting system. That requires all hands on deck. It is no longer feasible to either invest in just SEO and ignore your social media marketing, or to do the opposite. You have to allocate your resources more comprehensively so that everyone is on the same page. In doing so you can disseminate the same brand information, use the same keyword and content with purpose, and continually work together to adjust, modify, and target.

You can’t just set it and forget it. Those who are on the playing field day in and day out, are the ones who win the game. That is essentially what you are playing is a game, and necessarily need a playbook.

Why Chose a Company That Does Both Social Media Marketing and SEO

For small to midsize businesses, it used to be feasible to do your own marketing for social media and or SEO. The problem that we are recognizing as we enter into the latter half of 2023, is that most businesses need a full-time position to handle the marketing that is necessary to stay ahead of the competition on the internet. Dabbling in it is just not going to cut it, especially for a startup or a company that is looking to grow. Obviously, what you do, produce products, or provide a service is going to be the most important aspect of your business’s reputation, but much like anything else, if no one is talking about it or sharing information about your company, it won’t exist in a digital space.

Brick and Mortar Will Always Be Here But the Internet Will Forever Be Your Storefront

Although many brick-and-mortar businesses still exist and thrive, they aren’t able to in a bubble. One of the biggest game changers in the SEO industry was when Google put their mobile rankings first. Meaning that, where once everyone was using their laptop or their PC, now people are using their digital devices. The addition of apps only made it more important to incorporate a comprehensive campaign across social media and SEO.

Social media ads point to the website and the website fosters your social media marketing. If you aren’t providing the same message across both, then you are not going to be able to drive internet traffic or foot traffic. Things like Google Maps have changed the way that people find your brick and mortar and Google is the driving force behind it, so ranking highly has never been more important. If you don’t come up in the first three listings, you might as well not exist at all.

A is For Advertising is Advertising Across the Board

Where A is For Advertising differs is that we are a company that has all that you need to build a comprehensive and cohesive holistic approach to your marketing. Our three divisions tackle all components of your marketing so that we foster your brand awareness across the board. We work independently, while also sharing with one another. That way, we ensure that your campaign stays on point, your resources are allocated evenly where they need to be at any given point, and we communicate daily.

In doing so, we ensure that everyone is on the same “page.” That creates content consistency so we are getting the word out there in every way possible. At the same time, we do it with a powerful single voice that represents you perfectly. Our clients don’t have to hire an SEO company, a social media marketing company, and a media buying company. We do it all.

Although many people still think of SEO as keywords and websites, that is only one part of the equation. If you aren’t tackling all parts of your digital marketing, staying on brand, finding your audience with the right allocation of sources, and catering to Google, you are missing a great portion of your audience and bottom line. Contact us today and ensure that you are doing all that you can on every front to grow and prosper.